Mainstays Air Bed With Built In Pump


Mainstays Air Bed With Built In Pump

mainstays air bed with built in pump

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mainstays air bed with built in pump – Inflatable Twin

Inflatable Twin Size Raised Air Bed Mattress
Inflatable Twin Size Raised Air Bed Mattress
Designed for fitted sheets, this unique bed features two virtually independent chambers connected by four flow-through ports. The internal construction of both chambers ensures stability and sleeping comfort! Inflates in seconds and adjusts to any level of firmness with the touch of a button. This twin size bed is great for guests, travel or as a permanent sleeping solution! Approximate size: 39″ X 75″ X 19″ (99cm X 191cm X 48cm). Quality tested 20.8 gauge (0.53mm) waterproof flocked top and sides with 16 gauge (0.41mm) vinyl beams and bottom. The 20.8 guage (0.53mm) super-thick & waterproof flocked top and sides give this airbed a 300 lb weight capacity. Includes a built-in powerful AC electric pump that inflates this twin airbed in approximately 2 1/2 minutes! The top of this quality bed is flocked for comfort; sheets not required! This airbed accepts twin size fitted sheets. Patent pending dual chamber construction that utilizes double I-Beam layered architecture through two virtually independent air chambers connected by four flow-through ports that provide firmness, support and stability. Folds easily for storage or travel and comes with a space saving all-purpose carry bag with shoulder strap.

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Cape May Christmas, Winter 2008. What a cold, cold night. We did the Inns Tour. Our first time but decided to make it an annual tradition. This shot was outside the Mainstay looking up the street.

Ilyushin Il-76 'Mainstay' 51 (Red) Zhukovsky

Ilyushin Il-76 'Mainstay' 51 (Red) Zhukovsky
IIlyushin Il-76 ‘Mainstay’ 51 (Red) on the Zhukovsky Ramp on August 16th 1992.

mainstays air bed with built in pump
mainstays air bed with built in pump

Mainstays 14'' Elevated Air Bed
The Mainstays Elevated Airbed is the perfect addition to any home or weekend getaway. Top quality comfort coil construction adds extra support. When not in use, the Sleep In Style mattress stores in a durable, compact bag for easy transport and storage. ?Airbed mattress inflates to 14″ thick ?Plush, velvety soft sleep surface ?Constructed of puncture-resistant, heavy gauge, non-allergenic PVC vinyl ?Accommodates extra-deep sheets ?Built-in hands-free pump inflates and deflates the bed in less than 2 minutes